An Old Memory

She was my sun, she was my moon,
She was my day, she was my night.
She was my midnight, she was my twilight.
She was my everything. Adieu.

This was the song I was listening to when I first fell in love, this was the song I was listening to when I said my last goodbye to her. Years have passed; still, sometimes I remember those old days and try to imagine which way my life would have meandered had we still been together. To be honest, she was the reason I started this blog – a way to cope with a heartbreak through words. Like I always do.
(The band reserves the right to their song)

Last Providence

A golden bird flew into a stormy sky,
Heartbroken and forgetful of hope.
Cold winds crashed into him
And cold rain cut his face;
But he didnt mind. He held steady
His course, unwavering and strong
Was his mind. And all he wanted
Was to catch a glimpse of the stars
That were hidden by the black clouds.
Dodging the silver thunder
He pierced the darkness
Like an arrow. And then he saw
What he so wanted to see.
The stars still shone beyond in the darkness.
And suddenly his wings stalled.
The reaper had chased him
Even to the end of time.
It was his time that had ended.
And as he fell he shone
Brighter than the yellow sun.

The respective artist(s)/label reserves the rights to the song.

Dance With Me Till Dawn

Dance with me till dawn;
The city lights will fade
When the yellow sun shines.
And the flowers will bloom
In your small garden
And make you smile.

Your tears are like wildfire
Against my face.
I can hear you breathe me in,
Remember my scent.
Remember me when I am gone at dawn.
The blackbirds will follow me
Till the edge of town and see me off.
And I will be gone. Gone for good.
So dance with me till dawn;
The city lights will fade
When the yellow sun shines.

The artist(s)/label reserves the right to the song.

Call from Heartland

Unfurl me, my arms embrace my body,
Wrapped around me in a deathlock.
I can feel the whole of loneliness-
Its like a bittersweet candy
That has become all too familiar
Like my own shadow.

Find me, I am lost in a sky full of kites
Made up of love letters and suicide notes.
I can’t feel the colour blue anymore.
My mind is vast as the blue sky
And my heart is deeper than the blue sea.
Find me, before I become a foot-note of history.

The artist(s)/label reserves the right to the song.

Midnight Amour

Midnight reveals her naked self to me
Born of star light and blue-black ink,
Constellations tattooed on her skin.
Hear her breathe – whispers of winds,
And her words are a tender lullaby
To my weary self, “don’t fade away.
Don’t hesitate, hold the moment
In your clenched fist. The pain goes,
The night grows older, I grow older.
An ancient heart invisible to you
Yet it beats, my lover, my friend.”
And then she is gone, a silent wisp.

Deceitful sleep, sinful dream,
Clenched fists, and rapture
That ruptures the moment.
Sometimes it is just easier
To get lost in your dreams.

(The respective artist/label reserves the copyright to the song)


The room is silent, my mind a maelstrom;
I cant remember my history,
And my ship is lost in a dark stormy sea.
Existence feels like an invisible albatross dogging me,
Its shrill calls merging with the sound of the troubled sea.
I am lost, truly lost; and dark water is all around me.
I can’t swim, I don’t know how to.
I am a rock which shall sink without a fight.

My ship is creaking underneath my feet,
Its sails fluttering in every direction.
The tides of time and the winds of change are cruel.
I am a lost pilot, an exiled captain
With my fist pointed towards the skies.
I’m caught in the eye of my own storm.

Closing Time

The ages of humanity pass by with a monotonous tenor.
Its thoughts continually polluted by modern living;
And humanity has already been lost to progress…

A land of clouds stands silent and still above my city.
There is an injustice it permeates by its silence;
My fingers try to grasp at this land in the distance…

Every day is a ritual of crossing the days off a calendar.
Time and death are ever eternal;
Birth and life– a fleeting exhale of breath…